Hydro-geological drilling wells

Begtakari deposits

In 2012 - 14 years in Begtakari deposits on the bais of order issued by "Caucasus mountain group" LTD were drilled core holes with a depth of 19,900 linear meters by 92% of the average yield of the core.

Saskori limestone mine

By request of "Heidelberg Cement" on Saskori limestone deposits was drilled the core holes with deepthe 2400r.m. for the study of raw materials for cement

On the copper tailing of

withdepth of 4514 r.m. to count the inventory.

- In order to monitor was drilledte bore with depth 1162 r.m and was installed about 45 units of piezometers.

Quarries of "Madneuli" and Sakdrisi

On the quarries of "Madneuli" and Sakdrisi ore deposits was drilled 17000 r.m. core holes, which resulted an increaseof reserves of copper and gold.

Study of warehouses and dumps secondary quartzites of

- as a result of cable-drilling was drilled the bore withdepth rm 8050 and was calculated quartzite reseves consisting of gold on which base works the "RMG GOLD".