About the company

   ”Msire Kavkasioni” LTD  (”Lesser Caucaus”)  ( Identification code: 225395088, registered in c.Bolnisi at the following address: N4 D. Aghmashenebeli Street) is  Legal Successor of Geological-discovering expeditions of ”Msire Kavkasioni” LTD (”Lesser Caucaus”)  and continiues carring out its own activityin mining and environmental direction.The former and acting specialists of mentioned organizations has discovered and opened such ore deposites as they are: Madneuli and Red Villiage Copper-pyrites deposits, Sakdrisi gold-copper depostes, Begtakari Polimetallic Ore deposits, Bolnisi region gold gravel deposits, at the same time ther was foundabout fourty  mettalic minerealization and many ore deposites and mineral occurance of building materials.

   From 1994 year the mentioned organization closly collaborates with the companies of western countries as they are: Joint Georgian-Australian Organization- ”Trans Georgian Resources”, Australian Drilling Company-” Ausdrill”, Canadian Company SDS-Drilling”, Kazakh Company ”Iskander”  and ”Almasi”. Since 2005 year the organization providers are JKS BOYLES ”Bort Longier”,”Terek Almasi”, the Australian and Chines companies as well.

”Msire Kavkasioni” LTD  (”Lesser Caucaus”)   owns the followings:

  1. Base in c.Bolnisi, D.Aghmashenebeli Street N2- 6 224 sq.m.
  2. Office in c.Bolnisi, D.Aghmashenebeli Street N2-800 sq.m
  3. Common dwelling,D.AghmashenebliStreet N2-850sq.m
  4. Hotel, c.Bolnisi, Ekvtime Takaishvili Street N4 -900sq.m.
  5. Machining workshop
  6. Crushing plant of geological samples
  7. Rock drilling machines:   
  8. UKS UK- 2pc.
  9. URB -2,5A -1 pc.
  10. Core Drilling Machines:
  •  Brazilian SS-51-on the basis of the self-travveling Urals-1 pc.Chines- CDH-1300- 3pc.- Self-travelling truck mounted Canadian LF-1pc MS-750 - Self-travelling truck mounted
  • Lift crane- Native of Ivanovo- 1pc.
  • Truck КАМАЗ -3.
  • Water Tank Truck КАМАЗ      -  3
  • Fuel Tank TruckГАЗ53    -  1.  Fuel Tank TruckЗИЛ131   -  1
  • push-loading tractor-  DT-75-1. ”Toyota LandCruiser 74”.Toyota Pick up ”HiLux”-4 Micro-bus ”Delica”-2. 
  • Movable mechanical workshop- 1.
  • Mine dial- ”Reflex EZ-TRAC ”   1.